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Our Gatherings

These are photo gatherings.  The goal is to help models and photographers improve themselves by practice and self-promotion.  No Models Fee.  Photographers may pay a fee/donation to help cover expenses, mostly rental-permits.  Types are "Fashion Only" and "Fashion & Swimwear" (No Nudity.)  Events are for female models ages 15yrs &up; unless otherwise noted.  Models under 18yrs must bring parent.

Parents and Models are Limited to camera phone usage. Over recent years, this has become a form of interference and delays. Rules vary per event. Please Respect the Event and Rules.

-ADDED for the Camera Phone Generation.  Photographers are usually experimenting with new equipment, Especially with Digital Technology.  They can make adjustments to get better pictures.  So, things like lenses, flashes, and stands.
  Even how to use Photo Software.


Fashion includes casual or dressy.  (It's Not a fashion show.)  Swimwear includes 1 piece or 2 piece.  Models should bring 3-4 outfits. It's recommended that you bring bright colored tops (red, blu, green, yellow,...etc) for Outdoor Photography.  Typically black or white tops are harder to photograph.  Bottoms can be any color.  In general, solid colors are best for tops and bottoms.

Event Types

Most events are for Pictures Only, also abbreviated TF or TFP (TFCD from old days).  Remember to exchange information.

Special Notes 2020-2021:  If we have something, we may Not provide water or snacks per covid safety.  So, BringYO.  We will require photographers masked.  We'll have hand sanitizers, no smoking as usual

MORE INFO:  Models, Photographers, Managers, Usage of Photos


Check-In upon arrival.  No fee.  Photos are for Self-Promotion.  Bring outfits and makeup. If photographed by a group of photographers, the Order is from your Left to Right.  Let them know when you need breaks.  Free beverages for models.  You are Not required to give contact information to photographers, But it's Helpful If You Want Photos. Photographers usually Email photos or bring them to future events. (Currently, email or download sites, or mailed CD's are best.)

New Rule for 2019 - Attending photographer's emails provided at events.

(ALWAYS THANK Photographers for PHOTOS whether per email or in person.  Posted or by Email/Text is Best.)

Best Ways to Thank Photographers:
1) On a public forum within 3 days
2) By email or text within 3 days
3) In-person (Fine, but also do the above)
4) Don't do anything? Oh No


These are "Still" Photography.  Give models at least 5' of space, a zoom lens is recommended.  When shooting in a group, the order goes from your Right to Left.  It's helpful to have business cards.  Let models take breaks.  Photos for models are mostly by email or download sites, in today's standards.

(New attending photographers should submit your social media/webpage prior to registration.  Most notices are only by Email.)

Managers or Agents

Must be pre-approved 10 Days prior to date. This includes Individuals or Groups that recruit models for personal ventures.  As a Participative Event, the concept is that you also Help-Out.

What is an Agent? (In California)
Briefly, an Agent can advise, train and procure work for another person.  An Agent Cannot charge for services. In California, you must be Licensed and Bonded.  Plus, you'll need insurance and workman's compensation,,,etc. If approved, you'll have a Talent License Number. (A Manager Can advise and train, But Not procure work or negotiate.) See Links, including the Official site:

Usage of Photos

(Currently NO Automatic Model Release.)  We're maintaining the Non-Resale of Photos and Non-Use on pay to view sites.  Rules are posted.

Casting Sites

Although we are Not a casting site (or rating site), we have used several casting sites over the years. Recently, near the end of 2018, it was learned that is Not a Reputable company. They provide poor customer service and are under Federal investigation.

SERVICE REFUSAL. Individuals or Groups that are unable to comply with policies (which are basically general courtesies) will be asked to leave.  Your suspension may be indefinite.  This includes, but is Not limited to photographers, models, and parents.


Effective Jan 1, 2021
IF something can be done. Per Covid-19 safety, we encourage spacing. Expect very small, like 1-2 models and 2-3 photographers. Face masks Required for photographers and parents until further notice. No smoking.

Effective July 1, 2020
Per Covid-19 safety, we encourage spacing and will provide hand sanitizer. Possibly face masks. No Smoking as usual.

Effective Sept 1, 2019

Attending Photographer's emails provided to models at the event. This helps the photo delivering process and crediting.

Effective Jan 1, 2013

Positive Participation is Required. You may not interfere with "Standard" Progress in any form or manner. Now-2020, we told people this way before, and most of them and other groups no longer exist.

Effective June 7, 2010

"Priority" Email Lists have been Revised.  Only affects those that have not attended or responded within the past year.

Effective Aug 3, 2009

Most communication and/or notices are sent by email.  People on email list have priority for replies.

Effective Nov 5, 2006

Only people associated with us permitted on premises.


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