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Next Date:  Sept 21, '19

New Rule for 2019
Attending Photographers emails provided to models
This helps the photo delivering process and crediting

In 2018, w
e had a few special events including
past locations last visited over 7 yrs ago, see below

"Helping People for Over 15 Years"
- - -
Part of Our Goodbye/Farewell Tour
Stops 1 & 2 for 2018
(Maybe 1 or 2 dates in 2019)

This will last for about a year,
then reverting back to infrequent smaller gatherings,
with maybe a private location

-Private Desert Location Used Periodically-
We Always have a Great Time!

Thank You Paul (Photographer)
Always professional and enjoyed working with models
Not Forgotten Cal & Reuben

Celebrating 15+ Years

Only a Few of Over 1000 Models:

Fall 2018, Test Shoot at New Location

Fall 2018, Including Another Great Past Location!

Aug 11, 2018, Was Great With Several Models

More From Aug 2018

Aug 2018, One of Our Great Past Locations!
Re-Live the Old West, last visited 7 years ago, photos from 2009

New, using the natural backdrops

Private Desert Location, always fun there

Tried some new areas

From Oct/Nov 2014

From Sept/Oct 2014

Some Models from a Summer day; fashion, casual look

Indoor/Outdoor Location

Some Models from June 2014; school look, fashion, farmgirl

Some of the Models from June 2014

Another Beautiful Day, 2014

Free Photos, Fun and Supergirl!  2014

Several New Models Joined Us, 2013

Sport and Swimwear

Different Parts of the Building

We Tried Some New Areas and The Halloween Tree

More Beautiful Models

Photos from a Sunny Fall Day

The Lost/Recovered Photos, Spring Fashion Day

More Photos From Another Location

Private Desert Location
, Outdoors & Indoors

One of our Favorite Locations

  • No Models Fee
  • Free Photos
  • Photographic Locations


These are photoshoots.  Enhance your skills, update portfolios and promote yourself.  Events are held at scenic locations in So California.


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